Sometimes it feels that exercise is only reserved for ‘fit people’.

You know the ones? With their perfect workout wear, chiseled abs and epic exercise regimes. They throw tones of weight around on a bar bell or strike some crazy yoga pose on the edge of a cliff. #fitspo or not, if being ‘athletic’ is not really your thing, it can be a little intimidating.

Exercise isn’t just reserved for ‘fit people’. Or ‘healthy people’. Or ‘sporty people’. Or even for ‘skinny’ or ‘muscular’ people.

It’s for everybody!

However, parts of the fitness industry can make some of us feel like we don’t quite measure up. Not everyone looks the same in a pair of yoga pants and you know what? We’re not supposed to. Not everyone can run 5 km in under 25 minutes and you know what? You don’t need to, to reap the benefits of regular movement in your life. Exercise doesn’t need to happen in a gym, nor does it have to mean lifting heavy weights or running for kilometres every day.

Exercise or physical movement is for everyone and will do more for you than just make you look different. It will help prolong your life, boost your mental health and wellbeing, keep chronic disease at bay and be one of the many habits that helps you manage a healthy weight. It can take a variety of different forms. You can walk, dance and clean your way to more daily movement and it can be fun and rewarding.

What’s also important to note is that exercise is nothing like the beautiful, lean girl running in the Nike commercial. There she is. The wind slowly wafting through her ponytail. The last light of day is glinting off her skin. She glow’s with perspiration, but looks like she could go from day to evening wear with a 5 minute wardrobe change and no touch ups! She’s so peaceful. She just glides over the pavement, completely unaware of anyone around her. Oh the blissful life of a Nike commercial!

Exercise for me is more like this:

My feet hurt. Is that a new blister? Dang I wore the wrong socks and they’re being eaten by my shoes. My headphones hurt my tiny, childlike ears. When is this app going to tell me to walk, I’ve been running for ages! Oh geez! Car! It’s a pedestrian crossing you lunatic!

I also often exercise with my children. They ride their bikes while I run. They’re a lot faster than me and they whinge a lot. My sessions are a bit like this:

Me yelling: Guys! Make sure you look before you cross the road! Flipping’ kid? Did you not see that car? Carter, give Asha more room on the path! Carter, stop running into Asha! Carter! Give your sister a turn to go first! Don’t touch the stray dog!

Them whinging: Mum! My legs hurt! This is boring. Carter won’t let me go first. Mum! My bike chain fell off. Can I take the snail home to be my pet? I’m bleeding (tiny graze you can hardly see)! Why is the earth tilted on an axis and where did oxygen come from?

Me thinking: If you don’t friggen’ shut up and let me breath my oxygen I’m gonna lose my shit!

Anyhoo. You get the picture. I hope. Otherwise, you probably just think I’m crazy. In that case, you are correct.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of moving, then read on! I’ve joined forces with a wonderful friend of mine to bring you 10 tips foe staying active. We want to help you keep moving! Without pressure or stress!

A huge welcome to my special guest Ashleigh Went.

Ashleigh joins me for The Daily Dollop, our regular Mt Ainslie walk and brings 5 amazing tips to inspire you to move! I also have 5 tips, which aren’t as awesome as Asheligh’s, but helpful in their own special way! Enjoy!

10 tips for staying active!

  1. Ashleigh: Don’t underestimate the effects of incidental exercise. Walk to work. Clean. Dance. Vacuum. Move as much as you can all day! Seriously! It makes such a difference. Try hit 10,000 steps per day.
  2. Kate: Bring your kids with you. They may whinge. They may drive you crazy. You may have to stop half way. It may mean the workout isn’t perfect. Who cares. You still moved and your showing your kids that movement is valuable!
  3. Ashleigh: Schedule your workouts. Pop it in your diary! Make it happen. Prioritise it!
  4. Kate: Do squats while you cook dinner. 10 squats takes you less than 30 seconds. Stir the pot. 10 squats. Chop the broccoli. 10 squats. You could easily accomplish 60-80 in a 30 minute period! Dinner preparation is now a glut workout!
  5. Ashleigh: Always work towards a goal. Be clear about what you want and make it specific and measurable. It stops you from being aimless.
  6. Kate: Be realistic with your goals. It’s more ‘motivazing’. Which is our new word. Watch video for clarification!
  7. Ashleigh: Ask for help if you need it! Professionals can support your journey!
  8. Kate: Youtube yoga. Fart during downward dog in the privacy of your own home! I love Yoga with Adrienne.
  9. Ashleigh: Learn to be happy with your body now! Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight! Love and accept yourself now.
  10. Kate: Ditch the perfection mentality! Life will never be perfect! it will always be crazy! Start now!

Bonus tip: Exercise with a friend! And one of the best things to do is walk up a mountain!

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