About Us

From a blog to Australia’s only online habit building program!

The Healthy Eating Hub first opened it’s doors in Canberra in December 2013. Founded by registered nutritionist Kate Freeman, it has grown to include two clinical practice locations and a revolutionary, completely unique, online program.

It all started as a humble healthy eating blog back in 2009 (read mostly by Kate’s mum). Kate wanted to make healthy eating simple and over the years, that little blog grew! Kate is now a highly sought after nutritionist and along with her amazing team, provides a wealth of nutrition knowledge to her clients and members.

In 2020, the company underwent a brand split. As a result, The Healthy Eating Clinic was born, the brand now representing the two Canberra based clinics. Visit the Clinic’s new website here.

The Healthy Eating Hub (us) represents Australia’s only online habit building program that combines ‘flip-learning’ education principles, one-on-one support and behaviour change principles right at your finger tips.

The Healthy Eating Hub is proudly supported by the Griffin Accelerator and the ICON grant through the Canberra Innovation Network. Kate was also Canberra Business Woman of the Year Finalist, in the innovation category, in 2019.

What we do!

Our Signature Program

Our Signature Program helps people who are struggling with their eating habits to lose weight, feel good and eat well for the REST OF THEIR LIFE. We do this by teaching one nutrition principle at a time and showing how to establish this knowledge as a habit in everyday life. This is unlike other online programs that simply give you a meal plan, a list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods or expect to you change everything all at once.

We do this through ‘flip-learning’ based education, expert meal planning, individualised application, delicious recipes and ongoing support from qualified nutritionists and dietitians.

Meet Kate Freeman!

Our Founder and Managing Director

Kate Freeman is a registered nutritionist with over 15 years of experience. Read more about Kate here.