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How you might be feeling now…

You’re standing in the isle of a supermarket staring at all the different cereal brands on the shelves.  You’ve read that you need to be careful about the sugar in breakfast cereals, but they all seem to contain it. Which one should you choose? You also read recently that gluten and grains were bad for you. Maybe you should have bacon and eggs for breakfast instead, like your friend who’s doing paleo? Everything’s so confusing.

It’s Monday, the first day of your diet. You’re sure that this time, it’s going to be different. You’re sick of the way you feel and determined to stick to it and lose the excess weight you so desperately wish wasn’t there. You drink your berry and kale smoothie for breakfast, eat 8 almonds for morning tea and persevere through the smells of burgers and chips from your colleagues as you tuck into a tuna salad. So far so good. Then 3pm happens. Your stomach starts rumbling and you’re feeling tired and irritable. Before you know it, you’re devouring a fundraiser chocolate which leads into mindless snacking for the rest of the day. Sigh… You’ll start again tomorrow. Or next Monday. You’re disgusted and frustrated with yourself.

It’s Wednesday evening and you’ve mustered up the courage to offer your 2.5 year old a plate of steamed vegetables and chicken. You’d read that offering your kids the same meal as you is good for combatting fussiness. It might be worth a try. As you put the plate down, your little angle immediately pushes it back in disgust and starts to scream. You spurt out a bunch of promises to try settle them down and just give the broccoli a try. Before five minutes are up, it’s an all out war at the dinner table and your expectations for a lovely family dinner have been foiled. You grab some fruit and yoghurt from the fridge, to which your toddler happily receives and gobbles down. Oh well, somethings gotta be better than nothing, right?

How good would it be…

Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel so confused about nutrition advice? To feel confident in your ability to feed yourself well day to day. To plan meals for yourself that are nutritious and filling. To eat out with friends and know how to make the right choice or just to find the balance thats right for you.

How great would it be to lose weight and then have all the tools and habits you need to maintain it long term? To feel energised and able to keep up with your intense schedule, busy family or heavy training sessions. To not constantly stress and worry about your food choices and feel guilty when you eat something you shouldn’t.

What a relief it would be to know your children are eating well and getting the nutrition they need and not second guess yourself about whether or not you’re doing the wrong or right things to combat their fussiness. To sit down to a stress free family meal with everyone happily eating their dinner would be bliss!

You can have all this and more…

My name is Kate Freeman, I’m a registered nutritionist and I can help. I understand where you’re at and I can guide you step by step from where you are, to where you want to be. Whilst working with me, I will:

  • get you thinking about the underlying reasons to why you choose certain foods,
  • help you overcome the major barriers in your life preventing you from eating well,
  • offer heaps of meal and snack ideas that are individually tailored to you,
  • offer you strategies for managing mindless and emotional eating,
  • advise on an eating pattern the suits you, your lifestyle and your goals,
  • educate you on the latest nutrition information and how it applies to your life, and
  • listen, empathise and meet you where you’re at.

If you’re wanting a quick fix, one-size-fits all diet and for me to click my fingers and instantly change your eating habits then I’m not the nutritionist for you.

If you’re committed to long term change, putting practical advice into practice everyday and keeping a long term perspective so you can eat well for the rest of your life than I’m your woman! We can talk, laugh, cook, strategise and plan our way to building you long term healthy eating habits! I’m looking forward to working with you.

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Kate’s Philosophy:

Kate Freeman is the founder and managing director of The Healthy Eating Hub. Kate’s healthy eating philosophy is all about being realistic and creating long term healthy eating habits. She doesn’t believe in detoxes, fad diets, quick fixes or eliminating whole food groups.

Her advice is based on sound scientific evidence combined with over 11 years experience in the nutrition and weight loss industry.

Kate is passionate about showing people practical, easy ways to make good nutrition a regular part of their life, especially for those who are busy or manage a family.

I guarantee that you’ll leave your appointment feeling inspired and motivated to change your eating habits, for life!

Kate can help you with:

  • Weight loss
  • Managing sugar cravings and appetite control
  • Eating well for high activity levels
  • Feeding fussy toddlers
  • Feeding fussy kids
  • Introducing your baby to solids
  • Eating for CrossFit and high intensity exercise

Kate offers a range of corporate services for gyms, health clubs, government departments and is also a member of the Food And Nutrition Advisory Board at Deakin University.

Kate’s Qualifications:

Kate is available at Harrison on Tuesdays.

Please note that private health insurance rebates and Medicare rebates are NOT available with Kate.

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Q&A with Kate!

What’s your favourite food? 

Ah… ‘foods’. There are a few: halloumi, feta, avocado, dark chocolate, sourdough, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and pine nuts.

What’s your favourite cooking method?

Sautéing – I sauté everything from meat, chicken, vegetables, halloumi… I always add a good quality extra-virgin olive oil and garlic!

Why did you became a nutritionist?

I originally wanted to become a doctor, but then decided that I wasn’t so keen with actually looking at peoples’ insides. I decided that nutrition was health related but I didn’t need to poke people with needles or slice parts of them open to do my job. Plus cooking, eating and enjoying food is just the BEST!

What’s your superpower?

I can predict the future. Nah, just jokes, but I’m good at using my gut to make decisions. Which is clever considering my job. Get it? Nutritionist – gut, nutrition is in food and it goes through the gut… anyhooo…

Your audacious goal?

Take The Healthy Eating Hub Australia wide!

5 organisation tips that help you eat well:

I actually wrote a whole blog post on this. You can read it here.

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