I hate you, I love you. This may be how you’d describe a relationship with a person. But what about food?

The hottest topic I hear people talking about is “SUGAR”. They’re talking about it in the gym, in the office, and even in the bathroom… By the sounds of things, sugar is a serial killer! People are saying things like: “It’s additive, fattening, and soon I’ll be completely cutting it out from my diet”. But, is it actually addictive? We think not.

If you’re going to completely cut out carbs, our team might say: “Hmmm, are you sure about that?”. This is because sugar, or more broadly carbohydrates, play such a vital role in our body. We can’t function properly in our day-to-day life without them.

Even if you wanted to reduce carbs, you don’t want to completely remove them from your diet.

They’re in almost all of our nutritious natural foods: fruit and vegetables, milk and cheese, wheat and rice. It’s never ‘right’ or ‘healthier’ to cut the carbs from these lovely whole foods. The natural fruit sugar (fructose), milk sugar (lactose) and complex carbs (starch) come in a whole package of energy, dietary fibre and a range of vitamins and minerals. With all this goodness, we really shouldn’t demonise sugar.

So if we shouldn’t hate ‘carbs’ to the point where we completely avoid them, why not learn ways to embrace them and eat them correctly? 10 ways to eat carbs right will provide you with clear instructions on ways to include carbs in your diet, in the healthiest way possible.

What’s stopping you? Are sugary foods just too good to resist?

Processed sugar, which is added to foods like cakes, lollies, soft drinks, chocolate, biscuits and more, is the one we want to reduce. We all have a sweet tooth. What matters most is how we keep it under control! Check out 10 ways to curb sugar cravings for tips from our team to manage your intake of sugar and make healthier food choices each day.

This article was written by Monique Cheang, intern from the University of Canberra at The Healthy Eating Hub. 

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