At The Healthy Eating Hub, we:

Are foodies at heart – we love good food. Prepping it, cooking it, talking about it and eating it.

Take a whole foods approach – from all the food groups, with the balance that’s right for each individual.

Don’t give food a moral value – we believe that food is neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It holds no moral value, nor does it define a person’s worth.

Value honesty – we hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our actions, advice and recommendations.

Are always learning – we’re open minded and keep ourselves up-to-date with evidenced based information.

Practical – we can translate nutrition knowledge into a meal on your plate.

Value connection – we love how food brings people together and we value relationships.

Don’t judge – we accept each other and our clients where they’re at and value other opinions and perspectives.

We ask questions and don’t make statements – our client centred approach means that we treat our clients as individuals.

Building healthy belief systems – we tackle mindsets and attitudes to promote positive thoughts and actions.

Are barrier breakers and trouble shooters – we understand that behaviour change is hard and align ourselves as our client’s support system.

Believe ‘achievable’ steps is where it’s at – we value the accumulated benefit of marginal gain.

Are a safe haven – we prioritise the health and safety of our clients and colleagues.

Are driven and innovative – we are always looking to improve and push the boundaries of nutrition education.

Are goal setters – we are striving to bring to life our big ideas!