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Corporate Nutrition Packages

Eat Smart – Work Smart – Nutrition for Busy Workplaces

This interactive and professional program is specially designed to promote healthy eating habits in the workplace through inspiring, practical, everyday nutrition advice. The program runs over the course of one month, for a division or branch of up to 100 people or a small agency and offers a fun and innovative way for team development, through practical nutrition education.

The package includes:

  1. Four Group Sessions (unlimited team members) – a session per week over 4 weeks that build on each other and inspire action!
  2. Three Healthy Recipes, exclusively branded to your organisation.
  3. Two Experiential Lunches (for up to 50 team members).

Each part of the program builds on the other and participants will walk away with meal and snack ideas, practical advice for eating well at work and a range of resources and tools. We pride ourselves on delivering positive, practical and simple nutrition solutions so your team can eat well and get the best out of their nutrition and workplace.

This package represents a great value for money solution to help create a healthy workplace culture for your team and can be customised to suit your needs.

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Group Session Nutrition Topics

Nutrition on a Plate

This presentation offers general healthy eating advice in a practical, down to earth manner and shows people how easy it is to meet their body’s nutritional needs by eating food off a plate! It talks about healthy food choices, portion sizes and real life, everyday foods and situations.

The Whole Foods Diet

This presentation covers how to decrease your intake of unprocessed foods and eat more naturally. It talks about how to eat whole foods practically in your day-to-day life and how to build your diet around them in order to achieve maximum nutrition.

IMG_2336Weight Loss 101

This presentation is all about the common pitfalls of weight loss and why people are often frustrated with their lack of results. It talks about how to manage your appetite, how to manage your sugar cravings, the importance of calorie control and maximising nutrient density as well as tips for staying motivated and on track.

Sports Performance

This presentation can be tailored to your particular sport and provide general nutrition advice for amateur and elite athletes on how good nutrition can help them get the best out of their training program. It covers nutrition techniques for training, competition and recovery.

The Carbohydrate Myths

This presentation uncovers the myths surrounding carbohydrate and whether we should eat it or not. It talks about sugar, how to reduce your sugar intake and manage your cravings and what foods are the best carbohydrate choices to promote good health

IMG_1150Healthy Eating for School Aged Kids

This presentation is tailored towards teachers, carers, canteen managers and camp or program supervisors and practically covers good nutrition for school-aged children in the context of the Australian Dietary Guidelines. It covers daily serves of each food group for the different age brackets and what that could possible look like in a day’s worth of food.

Nutrition for Busy Executives

This presentation focuses on practical, daily habits to help busy people eat well. It talks about meal planning, proper portion control, how to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and how a balanced diet can give executives an edge in their day-to-day role as a leader and manager.

toddler workshopFeeding Fussy Toddlers

This workshop is a must attend for any parent or carer of a fussy 1-4 year old. It covers basic toddler nutrition, understanding a toddler’s appetite and dealing with neophobia. It offers 14 practical strategies for fostering healthy routines and habits for raising long term healthy eaters.

Emotional Eating

This is an entertaining and funny presentation that brings a light-hearted yet real approach to a very challenging topic. You’ll learn the origins of emotional eating plus four practical tools to help you combat this frustrating habit and get better control over your eating habits.

Cooking Demonstrations & Healthy Lunches

Healthy eating cooking demonstration

The Healthy Eating Hub can cook you and your team 2-3 recipes and provide a practical cooking demonstration on healthy cooking techniques, shopping and food preparation tips. We provide all our own food and equipment and as long as we have electricity can deliver it anywhere!

Experiencial Lunch FeaturedExperiential Session

This 60 minute session is a highly interactive, fully catered lunch for up to 25 team members or clients that educates participants on the 5 major corner stones of healthy eating: vegetables, high fibre carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats and how to make healthy food taste amazing!

More Information

Recipe and Menu Analysis

Using specialist nutrition and dietetics software we can accurately provide the nutrient breakdown of your menu or recipe for up to 22 nutrients. This is an important aspect of meal planning and helping your clients make informed decisions about your products for their own dietary needs.IMG_0024

Our basic analysis provides you with the nutrient information per serve of:

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate (including sugars)
  • Fat (saturated fat)
  • Fibre
  • Sodium

More detailed analysis can be provided for a range of micronutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, folic acid, etc.

Based on the analysis we can also provide additional advice on how to make improvements to your recipe or menu from a nutritional perspective and show you how to make it as healthy as possible.

Fact-sheet or Resource Development

The Healthy Eating Hub can produce a range of customised and branded nutrition and healthy eating documents for a range of different projects and businesses. We can tailor the resource specifically to your exact needs and specification and have already provided other clients with fact sheets, eBooks, information booklets, articles and more.

Quality is important to us, we can provide you with just the copy for your own designer or have the resource professionally designed and ready for print or publication via our expert designer.

IMG_0337Other Opportunities

If any of the services listed above don’t meet your business’ needs and requirements, we can tailor and adjust them accordingly to your needs.

We can work with you to customise any service you are interested in for the best possible outcome. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these services or to request a quote.

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