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Geoscience Australia – 2016

Kate Freeman has developed original recipes, nutrition presentations, on-site consultations and her signature product ‘The Experiential Session’.

Air Services Australia – 2016

Kate Freeman presented a 1 hour seminar on healthy eating, stress management, and eating healthy while traveling.

Griffin Legal – April 2016

Kate Freemen presented her signature product ‘The Experiential Lunch’ for 1 hour.

G-Train Fitness – March 2016

Kate Freemen presented her signature product ‘The Experiential Brunch’ for 1 hour.

FuncFitness – April 2016

Kate Freemen presented her signature product ‘The Experiential Lunch’ for 1 hour.

Glebe Park Fitness – March 2016

Kate Freemen presented her signature product ‘The Experiential Dinner’ for 1 hour.

Curves Belconnen – April 2016

Kate Freeman presented a 1 hour session ‘Nutrition on a Plate’.

ACT Health – 2016

Kate Freeman has developed a Lunch Box Workshop for ACT Health.

Xtend Barre – Canberra – February 2016

Kate Freeman presented a 1 hour talk on wholefoods and sugar to a live audience.

The Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Kate Freeman presented a 1 hour talk, “Nutrition on a Plate”, to both a live and video audience.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Kate Freeman presented a 1 hour talk, on behalf of a Melbourne dietitian, on maintaining good energy levels and well-being through smart nutrition.

The Heart Research Institute

Kate Freeman is assisting the Heart Research Institute by providing heart healthy, tasty recipes for their regular newsletters. Kate also provides a number of custom services for their individual needs such as morning menus and videos.

Toys R Us

Presented multiple sessions on introducing your baby to solids for parents of 0-6 month olds.

Vegies to Your Door

Kate Freeman is the consulting nutritionist for Vegies to Your Door and provides weekly articles on healthy eating, in-season produce as well as meal ideas and recipes.

At Vegies To Your Door, we love working with Kate Freeman Nutrition.  As the owner of Vegies To Your Door, I was looking for a nutritionist who would provide our customers with honest, down to earth, simple nutrition and healthy cooking advice.  As soon as I came across Kate’s website and read some of her articles and tried some of her simple recipes, I knew her values and beliefs about fresh food were a perfect match for our business.  Having Kate write articles for Vegies To Your Door has made my life simpler and added value to our regular weekly newsletters.  Our customers have come to appreciate, enjoy and trust Kate’s articles and advice.

Sharon & Will Long, Owners, Vegies To Your Door

CrossFit Technique

Kate Freeman has been the consulting nutritionist for CrossFit Technique providing both writing and speaking services for gym members.

Members often come to us with specific goals they’d like to achieve. Regardless of whether that goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just become fit enough to play with their kids, Kate has the nutritional advice and expertise to compliment CrossFit Technique’s training and help them reach their objective. The Kate Freeman Nutrition seminars are a huge bonus for all of our members. Kate really understands how to impart her knowledge in a fun and tangible manner, and our members walk away with plenty of practical advice they can incorporate into their busy lives.

Jamie & Alanna Osborne, Owners, CrossFit Technique

The Block Health and Fitness – 2015 and 2016

The Block’s Facebook page

Presented a number of 1 hour sessions ‘Nutrition on a Plate’ and ‘Weight Loss Pitfalls’ and an ‘Experiential Dinner’.

Kate, since you spoke at The Block last year we have referred a number of Blockers to you. We have received nothing but positive feedback. They are now well and truly on their way to understanding nutrition, reaching their weight loss goals, but most importantly understanding how simple and easy good nutrition is. This is what you spoke about last year at The Block and we look forward to having you back soon. Thank you.

Sharon Grant, Owner, The Block Health and Fitness

Queanbeyan City Council

Provided cooking demonstrations for the Aunty Jeans Good Health Program and nutrition education for indigenous elders in the Queanbeyan district and surrounds.

Service One Members Banking

Presented a 30 minute session on healthy eating for staff members.

Riverside Plaza Queanbeyan

Provided cooking demonstrations to promote a new healthy eating cookbook by celebrity Chef Pete Evans.

Kate’s cooking demonstrations & nutrition insights were a great addition to our fresh food promotion at Riverside Plaza. Her friendly, approachable & professional attitude made the cooking demonstrations entertaining & informative for our customers.

Heidi Flaherty, Marketing Manager, Riverside Plaza AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Samsara Women’s Health Club

Presented a 1 hour session on the carbohydrate myths.

OMG!! Kate Freeman!! Amazing, funny, brilliant!! We welcome you back – thank you so very much!

Belinda Taylor, Managing Director, Samsara Women’s Health Club

Wanniassa High School

Presented a 1 hour lesson on nutrition and sugar for year 9 and 10 students.

Alive! Health Clubs 

Presented a 1 hour session ‘Nutrition on a Plate’.

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