Experiential Sessions

IMG_4114A fully catered healthy eating learning experience

The Salad Matrix

The Experiential Session is based on a popular in-house client resource called The Salad Matrix. This resource outlines the five componenets of building a healthy, filling and delicious salad for your lunch or dinner.

Sometimes a ‘salad’ just doesn’t cut it. We’d like to argue that when you get your salad right, it can well and truly be the substantial, filling meal you need to maximise your energy levels and support your nutrition and weight management goals.

Experience Food

The Experiential Session is a practical, hands-on learning seminar with a nutritionist that educates participants on:

  • How to build a healthy meal
  • What are the best foods to eat each day
  • How much you should be eating each day
  • How to make your food taste great
  • How to ward off the afternoon sugar cravings
  • How to become a more mindful eater
  • Techniques to help you feel fuller for longer

We learn better when we taste, touch, smell, see and listen. The session is about engaging all the senses and facilitates learning through an enjoyable and memorable time.

The Experiential Session

The lunch or dinner session:

  • uses real, freshly prepared and cooked, whole foods,
  • demonstrates easy preparation and cooking methods,
  • sources fresh, quality produce, and
  • provides a full meal for each of the participants to put what they learn into practice.


Location: Delivered on-site at your workplace or location of choice. Can also be hosted in-house at The Healthy Eating Hub office in Harrison.

Duration: 60 minutes (30 minute presentation, 30 minutes for lunch)

Attendees: The session can cater for groups of 10 – 25 participants (maximum).

Resources: All participants receive a fully catered meal from the buffet featured above, a copy of The Salad Matrix resource and a mindful eating magnet.

Times: Can be delivered at lunch times (12-2pm): Monday – Saturday and dinner times (6-8pm): Monday – Thursday

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