In an attempt to help people stick to their programs and get fast results, weight loss programs, fad diets, cleanses, detoxes, supplements, special products and so-called ‘experts’ have created a whole bunch of food rules that apparently apply to everyone, regardless of your individual circumstance.

This has led to an awful lot of conflicting nutrition information and an era where we are privy to the highest amount of food knowledge ever known to man but none the wiser on how to actually make this knowledge work for us and our health!

In fact, we’re often so confused that we fail to make any changes at all. We suffer from analysis paralysis! There is so much information and we’re constantly second guessing ourselves! This means we can’t consistently stick to anything! It can feel so frustrating!

Our Signature Program is different. We will educate you in nutrition, but not in a way you’ve experienced it before.

For example:

One of the modules you’ll complete during the program is all about carbohydrates.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • What carbohydrates are and the main food sources – yeah, yeah, you know most of that. But do you? Where did you learn that? Ashy Bines?
  • How the body uses them – yes! Your body NEEDS them.
  • What fibre is, it’s multiple health benefits and how this helps you choose healthy carbohydrate rich foods – That’s right, there is a sure-fire way to help you choose healthy carb rich foods.
  • An explanation of low vs high carbohydrate diets and how to find the best dietary strategy to suit your needs and goals – you heard me, different people need different amounts of carbs.
  • How to cook the healthiest carbohydrate food sources, a recommendation of portion sizes and how to know when to adjust your intake based on your individual needs.
  • Quick tips on how to store, prepare and make these foods taste great, not just for you but your whole family.
  • Guidance on how to navigate these foods while at parties, out to dinner and at friends houses. Because healthy eating doesn’t mean you’re all of a sudden a social recluse.

We teach you how to eat carbohydrates, in a way that suits YOU, YOUR life and YOUR goals!

If you’d like to get carb confidence, along with a heap of other nutrition skills to help you stay healthy long term, our Signature Program was created for you.

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