Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-14T21:10:55+10:00

About Our Signature Program

What is the signature program?2020-01-03T14:07:59+11:00

The Healthy Eating Hub’s signature program is a unique and individualised habit building program that teaches you how to eat well for the rest of your life. It breaks dietary change down into small manageable steps where you focus on building one habit at a time. Once a habit becomes familiar you add in another until healthy eating becomes effortless and a normal part of your daily routineThese small manageable steps lead to long term consistency and can easily fit into any lifestyle. 

The program works by combining micro-learning, direct access to qualified dietitians and incremental behaviour change principles. Members of the program complete education modules with videos, resources, recipes and meal plans in as little as 10 minutes per week. They are then shown how to apply what they learn to their everyday life with our meal plan builder and sessions with our team of dietitians. Because you learn and apply one thing at a time, the change is achievable within your busy life and you’re encouraged to make changes that are sustainable and realistic so you can stay consistent long term.

What do I get for a base membership?2020-08-10T16:42:38+10:00

Base members get  full access to  our online  platform which includes 16+ nutrition education modules  and a meal planning tool  complete with recipes and a shopping list generator. This  online  space includes a wealth of nutrition information  and  resources  including  videos,  worksheets,  meal plans, recipes and access to a private Facebook group. 

What do I get for a premium membership?2020-08-10T16:44:27+10:00

Premium members receive unlimited one-on-one video support sessions with an accredited practicing dietitian as often as they need.

They also receive:

Access to  our online  platform  which includes nutrition education modules  and a meal planning tool  complete with recipes and a shopping list generator. This  online  space includes a wealth of nutrition information  and  resources  including  videos,  worksheets,  meal plans and recipes.

Access to a private Facebook group  where our team will answer any questions you might have at any time and an encouraging group of fellow members completing the same program. 

Can you only become a member if you live in the ACT?2020-02-22T17:56:32+11:00

You may have noticed that our head office is in Canberra, Australia. We love Canberra, however, we are passionate about helping ALL Australians which means our program is open to anyone residing in Australia. Our program is 100% online and all support sessions are done via video. As long as you have a video compatible device and an internet connection we can help you no matter where you reside

How often do I need to make appointments or see a practitioner?2020-08-10T16:47:34+10:00

All members have the opportunity to see practitioners face-to-face via an online video platform. Premium members enjoy unlimited support sessions included in their subscription and Base members can book pay-as-you-go sessions as they need them.  If you would like to read more about our membership options click here

We recommend booking a video support session every fortnight.

Premium members get unlimited sessions, so, if you are in need of extra help you can book a last-minute session any time. The monthly subscription cost of $179 stays the same regardless of how many sessions you book (bargain!) 

Will there be a lot of work involved?2020-02-22T18:02:23+11:00

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Your success and results will entirely depend on the effort you put into the program and by focussing on consistency, not perfection.

We want to teach you how to feed yourself confidently and healthily for the rest of your life, not just give you a meal plan or a set of food rules. This means that you need to learn key principles and develop key skills. Just like learning an instrument or getting a qualification, you learn the fundamentals first, you practice them and then slowly build your skills one by one over time. Building skills takes consistent practice. And this practice doesn’t have to be perfect to get results. The practice will help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t and gives you confidence and familiarity with healthy food until it becomes second nature. Our goal is to gradually change your food preferences, so your taste for food changes and you start to want healthy food more often.

This approach to your nutrition does require you to think about your food and practice new behaviours consistently. This means that you do need to give it some time and attention each day.

However, our unique education sequence has broken dietary change down into small achievable chunks so that the effort you have to put in each week is realistic and achievableThe idea is to practice one habit and make it seamlessly fit into your current life before moving onto the next one. You’ll need to spend 10-15 minutes per week to get through the education modules and then all you have to do is practice your new habit!

If you’ve got regular or pay-as-you-go video support sessions with our deititians, it’s HIGHLY recommended that before each appointment you have read the relevant material so you can get the most value for your financial and time commitments. When you take the time to do the education online, we can then use 100% of the time with the dietitian to strategise how what you’ve learnt can become a part of your life. Keeping a daily food journal is also encouraged as it gives your practitioner a clear visual on the areas you need help with as well as helps you maintain awareness and track progress. 

Do I get to choose my practitioner?2019-12-27T11:07:46+11:00

You most definitely get to choose your practitioner and can read more about each of them here. Please note each of our practitioners have different availability and before choosing we would like you to make sure the practitioner you choose lines up with your availability. We would like you to complete the program with the same practitioner as a lot of work goes into building a relationship and preparing for each appointment based on groundwork laid during previous sessions. Please contact us to find out who is the best fit for you and your availability.

Can I talk to someone before signing up?2020-01-04T09:42:20+11:00

Absolutely! Call our customer service team (02 6174 4663) to discuss the program with one of our team, we can answer any questions that you may have and determine if the signature program is the right pathway for you.

Can kids or teenagers join the membership?2020-02-22T18:04:40+11:00

Yes, kids and teenagers can join our program. In fact, it’s the perfect thing for them to do!

We believe that our program is a fantastic way to educate young people about healthy eating habits in a safe, engaging and encouraging way without the stigma of weight, food and body shaming and the ridiculous rules and regulations of strict meal plans and food philosophies, many of them completely inappropriate for children and teens to follow. Video support sessions can also be made with our paediatric dietitian upon request.

Children under the age of 18 will need an adult present at the time of signing up and the adults contact information will be needed to create a record on our system. Communication will be directed straight to the consenting adult. Children under the age of 18 will need an adult present at the video support sessions, unless otherwise specified in agreement with The Healthy Eating Hub  

Can couples join the membership?2020-02-22T18:06:10+11:00

Yes, couples can join our Premium membership together under the same account and only pay $179 per month given that they attend the video support sessions together. If couples can’t find a time to attend together then a second membership must be purchased. Both individuals don’t need to be at every single appointment, however attending as many appointments as possible together is preferred.  

Can families join the membership?2020-02-22T18:06:49+11:00

Yes, families can join our Premium membership together under the same account and only pay $179 per month, given that they attend the video support sessions together. All family members don’t always need to be present at every single appointment, however attending as many appointments as possible together is preferred. 

What’s the difference between the clinic and signature program?2020-02-22T18:15:43+11:00

Up until 2020, The Healthy Eating Hub was the name for a private nutrition and dietetics clinic in Canberra and the online platform with our signature program. In February 2020 the business was split and The Healthy Eating Clinic was born and is now the brand that represents the two Canberra-based dietetics clinics. The Healthy Eating Hub (us) is the online program that you’re reading all about.

The premium membership subscription in our program is the best valued option for ongoing nutrition support. It allows you to learn key nutrition concepts in your own time and at your own pace. With our premium option you can get the most out of your time with a dietitian and focus on individualising your newly learnt nutrition knowledge to suit you and your needs.  Video support sessions are easy, convenient and are a great alternative to visiting a physical clinic. At this stage our premium membership is not claimable with private health insurance. 

If you are in Canberra, The Healthy Eating Clinic offers pay-as-you-go consultations that are claimable with private health and certain Medicare referrals. 

How often can I book appointments?2020-02-22T18:22:14+11:00

Premium members get unlimited appointments. We recommend spacing them out fortnightly as this provides you with plenty of time to practice your habit and doesn’t place too much time pressure on you making the program easily fit into your life and schedule. Book your membership video support sessions via this link. If you prefer talking to someone please give us a call on 02 6174 4663 and our customer service team can book an appointment for you. 

Base members can also book support sessions with our dietetic team as they need and pay for them as they go.

How is the program different from everything else out there?2020-02-22T18:21:05+11:00

Our Signature Program is unlike every other healthy eating program out there.  There are  no restrictive meal plans There are  no pills or shakes. In fact, it is  not specifically a weight loss program. We want you to become comfortable and confident with food and nutrition. If that supports your goal to manage body weight, then GREAT!

This is a habit building program that arms you with the  evidence-based  information and practical tools to help you and your whole family eat well and feel good about it. You will learn healthy eating habits that will last you for life, not just the life of the program. And when you have healthy eating habits that you can maintain, you do more than just lose weight, you keep it off!

You will follow our unique method of learning one healthy eating habit at a time. This is realistic, sustainable and achievable within a busy life.

Step 1: You learn the key nutrition principle by completing easy, engaging education modules in as little as 10 minutes per week.

Step 2: Each module then shows you how to apply what you learn to your life so that you start putting it into practice. This is where our meal plan builder comes in! You can customise and tweak the meal plans to suit you, generate a shopping list and then get stuck into practising your new habit. There are 250+ recipes to swap with, plus you can add your own!

Step 3: Throughout the whole process you can access our team of qualified dietitians for guidance and support.

Will I see a nutritionist or dietitian?2019-12-27T11:36:18+11:00

Our signature program is delivered by our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians. They are university educated and registered with the peak nutrition body, the Dietitians Association of Australia. The program was created by our managing director, Kate Freeman who is a Registered Nutritionist, with Master’s qualification and registered with the peak body, the Nutrition Society of Australia. You can read more about our team here.  

What is included?2020-02-22T18:23:40+11:00

Base membership: 

  • All education modules and resources  
  • Facebook group support 
  • Meal planning tool – see more here 
  • 250+ recipes 

Premium membership: 

  • Unlimited 30-min sessions by appointment with dietitian (APD) 
  • All education modules and resources  
  • Facebook group support 
  • Meal planning tool – see more here 
  • 250+ recipes
What can I expect in appointments?2020-02-22T18:34:22+11:00

Your video support sessions with one of our dietitians is made by appointment and are a program called Zoom. Your dietitian is not there to ‘check up on you’ or make sure you’ve been ‘good’. Your dietitian is there to encourage you, answer any questions you have, individualise what you’re learning to your specific situation, brain storm meal and snack ideas, help you with meal planning, manage medical concerns affected by nutrition and be your side-kick when it comes to overcoming the barriers and challenges to building new habits. Here’s an idea of how they might help you:

  • Your practitioner will educate you on a module topic, discuss how it applies to you and give you ideas on how to implement it.  
  • Each module will present different problems and/or challenges and your practitioner will help you problem solve and work out ways of working around it 
  • Recipe ideas and help with meal planning.
Can I join if I am vegan, vegetarian or coeliac?2019-12-27T11:10:45+11:00

Yes! You absolutely can! As you follow the program you learn to apply the principles within your food preferences and this includes all dietary preferences. Premium members benefit from high levels support in this area as our team can offer even further advice on key areas of concern for our members.

Can I follow a keto or paleo diet while doing the program?2019-12-27T11:10:38+11:00

We don’t promote a specific nutrition philosophy like keto or paleo and we don’t recommend eliminating food groups without a medical or ethical reason. This stance is based on a solid understanding of current nutritional science. We believe that there are a number of dietary patterns that promote health and we want to educate people on the key principles of nutrition and help them find the best dietary approach for them, that they can consistently stick to long term. This rarely includes philosophies as extreme as paleo or keto.

Will I get meal plans?2020-02-22T18:38:59+11:00

The program is not based on simply giving you meal plans. It does much more than that! We aim to teach you key nutrition principles and how to create your own meal plans that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, needs and goals. Teaching you how to build a meal plan rather than doing it for you will help you more in the long term. That’s what we do! Long term nutrition! Knowing how to build a meal plan based on your personal needs also means that you can adjust it based on your own needs at the present time as it changes frequently.  

A key part of the program is our meal plan builder. As you work through the modules and learn the principles, you will be encouraged to put what you’re learning into action. To help you do this, we have pre-built meal plans that help you apply what you’ve learnt AND they are completely customisable so that you’re eating food that you and your family like to eat! Plus the meal plan builder has adjustable serves for cooking for different numbers of people and will automatically create you a checkable shopping list!

Is the program set or individualised?2020-02-22T18:41:26+11:00

We believe that healthy eating principles apply to everyone yet look different for everyone. The program has 12+ curated nutrition education modules that our dietitians believe are the pillars for creating healthy eating habits. Everyone learns the same principles, but the application of those principles is 100% individualised to you. This is done through our unique learning method, our meal plan builder and through our video sessions with our team of dietitians. By chatting to them, you’ll get a true individual experience within your food preferences, routine, family life and other lifestyle factors that effect your food choices. 

At your video support sessions, available to all members (addition cost for base members + included for premium members), you and your dietitian will work out your pathway and which modules you should be focusing on and when

Can I join the program if I have an eating disorder?2019-12-27T11:11:04+11:00

We’d love to support you on your journey and the program may be a great fit for you. Please contact our head dietitian Clare Wolski ( as we will assess suitability on a case by case basis. Our practitioners have seen and helped clients with eating disorders however each situation is different and we want what is best for you. We require that members with eating disorders also see a psychologist while doing our program.  

How did the signature program start?2019-12-27T11:06:05+11:00

Kate Freeman, Founder and Director of The Healthy Eating Hub has been a registered Nutritionist for over 15 years and is passionate about helping people with their nutrition. She employs a group of Accredited Practicing Dietitians in her Canberra based clinics and together they have all noticed a couple of concerning trends as practitioners: 

  1. The endless cycle of dieting and common misbelief that dieting is the only way I can lose weight is wreaking havoc with our ideas and health.   
  2. The amount of free information available to us today at our fingertips is creating a lot of unnecessary confusion 
  3. Anyone can build an audience with the help of social media and give nutritional advice with no guidelines around needing a qualification to do so.  
  4. The need for consistency and clear educated guidance is more important than ever.
  5. True behaviour change takes time and needs to be realistic and sustainable in order for someone to be consistent long term.

Kate decided to address the issues outlined above and created a program specifically designed by university qualified nutritional experts. The program started small and in our pilot week we sold out immediately. We’ve had to keep changing in order to accommodate for the growing demand and together as a team we strive to change ideas around food and positively impact the health of Australians one step at a time.  

How does the program work?2020-02-22T17:52:48+11:00

The program kicks off with the Get Started Module, which covers everything you need to know about successfully completing the program. Then you start the Healthy Eating Pathway. There are 12 modules to work through in no particular order, however your first two modules (Whole Foods and The Plate Model) are set and need to be completed first as we think they are crucial to building eating habits with a solid foundation. The rest of the program will depend on your personal preferences and/or goalsi.e. snacks, carbohydrates, drinks.

As you progress through the Healthy Eating Pathway you’ll have the option to book online video support sessions with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. This is where we’ll help tailor the information specially to you. These 30 minute sessions are all about talking through your challenges, keeping you accountable and helping you stay motivated. We also encourage you to always read the lesson before your session to get the most out of your program/appointment. These support sessions are fully included for premium members or $90 per session for base members.

As members you can also check-in and post nutrition questions in our private Facebook group where our practitioners can answer any questions you might have between appointments. Our members also post recipe ideas and inspiration from time to time and have built a really encouraging atmosphere.

How do I know if the program is right for me?2019-12-27T11:11:20+11:00

If you would like to make long-term changes, one habit at a time, then this program is for YOU! If you are looking for quick fixes, short cuts and rapid weight loss, then this  program  is NOT for you.  

If you have a medical condition that needs consideration when looking at your diet, then our program can offer you that additional support from an accredited practising dietitian. We can tailor the program to suit you and your needs, regardless of your medical condition.   

If you don’t have private health or a Medicare plan from your GP, then the program would also offer the most value for you. 

How to Sign Up

Video Support Sessions

How do I join a video support session?2020-04-14T20:57:19+10:00

Easy.  Once you have booked your support session, you will receive a confirmation email, which contains the link to join your online session. This link will open the private and secure webchat in your browser. All you have to do is click the link and give your browser permission to access your camera and microphone.

You will also receive this link in your reminder emails and our helpful Customer Service Team can resend you the link at anytime. Simply give us a call on 02 6174 4663 if you are having any difficulties.

What device do I need to join a video support session?2020-04-14T20:55:58+10:00

Any mobile phone, laptop, computer or ipad with a camera and audio will work for an online video consultation.

What if I can’t get the video to work?2020-03-27T14:34:49+11:00

If you can’t get the video to work and have not joined the video consultation after 10 minutes your dietitian will call you.

You can resume your consultation over the phone and your dietitian will email any resources or recommendations to you.

What if I don’t have a device that can connect to video?2020-04-14T20:54:48+10:00

We can still conduct support sessions over the phone if you are not able to connect to video.

If you would prefer or need a phone consultation please specify this when making a booking and your dietitian will call you at the scheduled time of your appointment and will be able to email resources and recommendations to you.

Current Members

What if I can’t make an appointment?2020-02-21T16:36:40+11:00

If you can’t make an appointment for some reason, that is no problem. Simply notify us as soon as possible so we can make that time slot available to another member. 

Premium members:

If there is a specific day and time you prefer to check in with your dietitian we suggest that Premium members make their appointments in advance as members book months ahead and last minute changes are difficult to fit in with short notice. 

How do I make an appointment as a member?2020-02-21T16:37:20+11:00

You can book online via our website booking system here. Book your session as a ‘Membership Session’.

Alternatively, you can book over the phone with our customer service team or send us an email on  

What if I don’t like my practitioner?2020-09-17T15:19:26+10:00

We understand that sometimes you just don’t mesh with someone and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy the process as much as possible. If you would like to change your practitioner, please notify our customer service team as soon as  

Please note, relationships do take time to develop and we would like you to give your practitioner some reasonable time to develop that relationship. By that we mean at least 5 sessions with your practitioner before you make the decision to switch. Your practitioner will also spend a lot of time to get to know you and for this reason we will prefer you stay with your chosen practitioner. Starting over again with another practitioner will waste valuable time. However, changing your practitioner is definitely a possibility. 

Can I switch between practitioners?2020-09-17T15:19:09+10:00

Temporary changes: 

If you desperately need to book a video support session but your practitioner is not available, we can arrange a session with someone else on the team. If your practitioner is on leave we can also arrange sessions with someone else on the team.

Permanent changes: 

We understand that sometimes you just don’t mesh with someone and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy the process as much as possible. If you would like to change your practitioner, please notify our customer service team as soon as  

Please note, relationships do take time to develop and we would like you to give your practitioner some reasonable time to develop that relationship. By that we mean at least 5 sessions with your practitioner before you make the decision to switch. Your practitioner will also spend a lot of time to get to know you and for this reason we will prefer you stay with your chosen practitioner. Starting over again with another practitioner will waste valuable time. However, changing your practitioner is definitely a possibility. 

How to refer a friend and get a discount2020-07-29T09:23:07+10:00

If you LOVE our program and want to refer a friend, you can do so at any time and receive a 10% discount voucher to use at one of your renewal payments. Here’s what to do:

How to invite your friend:

1. Log into your account.

2. From the My Membership page, go to My Account.

3. On your dashboard, you will see a unique referral link. Use this link to invite friends to join the Signature Program. If your friend uses this link to join, you will receive a discount code for 10% off to use on your next month’s subscription.

Once you receive your discount code (after your friend joins):

1. Log into your account.

2. From the My Membership page, go to My Account

3. Go to My Subscription and scroll down the page to Related Orders, At the bottom of these orders click: ‘Apply Coupon’. A pop up box will appear.

4. Hover over the coupon and click ‘Apply’. This will now be added to your next rental payment. Please note this will NOT update your subscription details, which will still show the full amount.

*Note: Your friend will only be able to use their discount code, using the instructions above on their second renewal payment, not their first payment.

I signed up via a referral link, why didn’t I get a discount?2020-07-27T16:33:11+10:00

You friend must love our program if they’re keen to share it with you. Your 10% discount does not apply to your first payment, only your renewal payment, if you choose to use it.

Here’s how to activate your discount for your next month’s renewal payment:

1. Log into your account.

2. From the My Membership page, go to My Account

3. Go to My Subscription and scroll down the page to Related Orders, At the bottom of these orders click: ‘Apply Coupon’. A pop up box will appear.

4. Hover over the coupon and click ‘Apply’. This will now be added to your next rental payment. Please note this will NOT update your subscription details, which will still show the full amount.

Your Account and Privacy


How will my subscription payments work?2019-12-27T12:16:38+11:00

If you sign up to monthly payments, each payment will be deducted on the anniversary of your sign-up day and time. For example, if you sign up on 22 December 4pm, your payments will always be deducted on the 22nd of every month at exactly 4pm. This does not matter if it’s a business day or not. The same applies for yearly subscriptions. If you sign up to the program on 22 December 2019 at 4pm, your next yearly payment will be deducted on 22 December 2020 at 4pm. Once a payment has been processed, we cannot process refunds. So, if you would like to cancel your subscription please notify us before a payment is processed. Read more about our refund policy here

Can I change my payments from monthly to yearly?2019-12-27T11:08:35+11:00

If at any stage, you decide to switch your renewal payments from monthly to yearly (an receive a 20% discount) you can do so in your account settings. Please follow these steps: 

1. Login to My Account

2. Select My Subscription

3. Under the heading Subscription Totals, select Switch Subscription

4. You will then be brought to the product page. Select the nutrition support you’d like and then select the yearly payment option.

5. Select Join Now and follow the steps to complete the checkout.

Please note: When changing your payments to be yearly instead of monthly you will not be charged immediately at the checkout. At your next renewal date (outlined at checkout and the anniversary of your sign up date) the yearly payment will be deducted instead of the monthly payment. A full 12-months will be deducted and not the remaining months you have left in your program. For example, if you have been a premium member for 6 months you can’t pay for the remaining 6months in full. In order to get the 20% discount a complete 12-months needs to be purchased up front. 

Can I pause the program?2020-07-01T15:57:56+10:00

Only premium members who pay monthly can pause the program for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months in a 12 month period that starts from the date of your first payment. After 3 months your payments will start again automatically. Please email us on if you would like to pause your membership. We require 2 weeks notice and written notification to pause your subscription. Online content or appointments will not be available while your premium membership is paused.  You will receive an email notification from our customer service team to confirm that your membership has been placed on hold and when your membership has been re-activated. 

Account pauses are not available to base members and premium members who pay yearly.

Can I change my payment method?2019-12-27T11:09:17+11:00

If your credit/debit card expires or is lost, damaged or cancelled, you can add your new card to your subscription by following the step below:

  1. Login to by going to My Account.
  1. Select My Subscriptions (NOT Payment Methods) in the dot point list.

  1. On the Subscription Page select Change Payment.

  1. Select your new payment method: Paypal or Credit Card.
  2. If you select the Credit card option below select use a new payment method. 

  1. Enter your new card details. Select change payment method.
Are group discounts available?2019-12-27T11:09:25+11:00

With the premium program already heavily discounted we do not accept group discounts for our premium membership. We can however offer a group discount for base memberships at a corporate rate for a minimum of 50 people. Please contact to arrange this. 

Can I use my Private Health or Medicare for my membership?2019-12-27T11:09:45+11:00

Private Health

Private health insurance covers the cost of individual consultations wth a qualified dietitian. Base members are with eligible private health insurance may be able to claim on the cost of their pay-as-you-go sessions. This can occur in-house via our HICAPS machine (for Canberra, ACT residents) or we can provide you with a receipt to claim directly with your insurer (available Australia wide).

Please see our private health insurance policy.


Base members with a medicare referral from their GP may be able to claim a rebate on the cost of their their pay-as-you-go sessions. This can only occur in-house via our HICAPS machine (ACT and surrounds).

Please see our Medicare policy.

Do you offer a trial period?2020-01-04T09:59:34+11:00

From time to time we offer trial periods for various promotions, but we don’t have an ongoing offer where you can book a trial period. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms where we will always post any promotions we are running. Alternativelyyou can call us on 02 6174 4663 to discuss the program with one of our customer service team or book in a pay as you go consultation with one of our dietitians to determine what the best pathway is for you, click here to book an appointment.

Can I get a refund?2019-12-27T11:11:15+11:00

We do not offer any refunds for both the online and premium membership. It is a memberresponsibility to cancel their membership from their online account to avoid future subscription payments. 

What are the subscription options?2019-12-27T12:10:39+11:00

As a member you have the option of becoming a base or premium member. Below is a breakdown of the cost for each option: 


  • $39 per month (cancel any time) 
  • $375 per year (save 20%)  


  • $179 per month (cancel any time) 
  • $1,719 per year (save 20%) 

To see what is included in each option please click here. 

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