The Hub Client Support

Are you a client of The Hub? You get free access to join our Client Support Facebook Group!

To join is simple. If you’re a client of The Hub, all you have to do is follow this link to the group on Facebook and we will accept you as soon as we can!

This positive Support Group is where our clients can easily access their practitioner and can interact with other clients and share their success stories. Feel free to ask questions, share recipes and photos, and get ongoing support to achieving your health goals!

We are here to help you along your journey and provide support and encouragement where we can. Oh, and of course it’s free!

Join now!


  1. Click the link on this page, request to join ‘The Hub Client Support’.
  2. If you’re a client of The Hub, we will accept you as soon as we see you there!
  3. Ask questions, get involved, share photos, recipes and make friends! Please contact us if you have any problems or concerns.

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