Easy Healthy Recipes

Cook one meal for the family!

Not only do you want to eat normally, but you want to eat the same as your family. That’s why we specialise in easy, simple, tasty recipes that everyone will enjoy. You can even submit your own recipes and add them to the database for easy shopping lists and meal planning.

Recipe Features

How to use the recipes:

What’s different about our recipes?

All our recipes are created by our team, all of whom are not interested in cooking complicated meals with oodles of ingredients and taking hours of time in the kitchen. We do delicious, but we don’t do complicated!

Also, all of our recipes come complete with nutritional guidance that goes well beyond a nutrition information panel. We give a whole foods rating, break down the carbohydrate, protein, fat, vegetables and fruit serves, which ties in directly to your education, so that you can use our recipes to help you put into practice what you’re learning!

We don’t cut out any food groups. Learn how to eat bread, bacon, chocolate and other so-called ‘forbidden’ foods in a healthy, balanced way and still get results!

Finally, you’re not stuck using just our recipes. If you’ve got a family favourite that you make regularly, it’d be well worth seeing how that meal fits into your new, healthy lifestyle. Submit that recipe to our team, we’ll analyse it, provide feedback, cook it, photograph it and add it to the recipe collection for you and the other members to enjoy and add into your meal planning.

Take your family on the journey of habit change!

Fad diets are never family friendly. Feeding kids and partners is difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re on a special diet and you’re making lots of new, strange meals the household has never seen before! Good luck with that!

The key principles for feeding kids (take it from our paediatric dietitian) is slow, incremental change, so they can cope with introducing new things into their life. This means that our program is the perfect fit for your family, as we’re going to take it slow too!

Focusing on one habit at a time, will give you (and the family) the time to adjust to the new behaviours and routine that come with making healthier food choices. We’re happy for one family to sign up to one membership, so don’t let that stop you any more! It’s time to set a healthy example – teach your kids long term healthy eating habits too!

The Recipe Line Up

So many delicious things!

Click to see what some of our recipes are like – you can even try them before you sign up!

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Are you ready to eat delicious healthy food?

This program not for those who want fancy, superfood ingredients!

It’s for those who want to learn how to eat healthily, in a¬†realistic and sustainable way!

We believe that healthy eating is a skill and our unique program helps you develop this skill.

It combines micro-learning, dietitian support and behaviour change principles right at your finger tips. Rather than trying to stick to a diet, you change your behaviour, one habit at a time.

Our members receive achievable, practical and tailored nutrition advice combined with recipes and food inspiration to help them succeed.

Be a habit builder, not a crash dieter.