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Fresh Salmon and Dill Salad

There are some meals that you make, completely out of the blue, that come together because you’re feeling brave, adventurous and creative. You decide that all your favourite flavours belong together and in restless abandon you just throw them all in to one bowl. Then there’s the first mouthful and it literally blows you away. […]

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Chocolate and Passionfruit Parfait

Chocolate and Passionfruit Parfait Ingredients (serves 4) 4 passionfruits 80g dark chocolate (16 squares), melted 100g hazelnuts, crushed 400g plain Greek or natural yoghurt Method Melt the dark chocolate until smooth and runny. Pour chocolate into a snap lock bag and seal. Cut a small hole in one corner of the bag. Gently pipe the […]

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Winter Vegetables with Roast Lamb

Winter Vegetables with Roast Lamb Ingredients (serves 4) 600g lamb leg roast 1 sweet potato, peeled, cut into chunks 1 swede, peeled, cut into chunks 1 beetroot, peeled cut into chunks 1 fennel, roughly shredded 1 carrot, peeled, cut into chunks 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp. cumin spice 3 sprigs thyme, leaves removed 2 […]

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losing weight after menopause

Losing Weight After Menopause

As women, our bodies don’t really give us an easy run through life. In our formative teenage years we have to start dealing with dramatic changes in body shape and monthly visits from ‘Aunty Flow’. She brings with her mood swings, cramps and cravings (and that’s the best-case scenario!). Then, many women go through pregnancy […]

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Carrot and Walnut Muffins

 Carrot and Walnut Muffins I love baking and I love it even more when there are healthier options on the menu. These Carrot and Walnut Muffins are really tasty and nutritious. Wholemeal flour, carrots and walnuts bump up the fibre content to make them quite a satisfying little treat. They are perfect with a cup […]

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