The Hub’s Guide to Healthy Dining Out in Canberra


We aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge to make healthy choices while you’re out and about enjoying this great city.

Eating at restaurants and cafes is often more than just finding good food to eat. It’s social, cultural and centred around connecting with friends, loved ones or celebrating something special. Like relaxing on Friday nights, celebrating a job promotion or discovering a new relationship!

We believe in balance: That life is a mixture of eating well and keeping your body in good health, and also ensuring that we enjoy the foods we love and participate in the social situations we engage in. Extremes in either direction lead to poor health and most importantly, you’ve got to find the balance that’s right for you!

If you like to hit the Canberra restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets on a regular basis, it pays to know a thing or two about how to make the right choices to keep you eating well.

This guide will offer tips, advice and recommendations for eating well when you’re dining out! Enjoy!

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