Kids Menu Refresh Project

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Do parents care about healthy food options for their kids at restaurants?

A joint collaboration of the Canberra Southern Cross Club (CSCC), The Healthy Eating Hub (The Hub) and the University of Canberra (UC) aims to answer this question as part of the Kids Menu Refresh Project.

This Canberra-wide research will gather information via an online survey about parents’ attitudes and beliefs towards healthy eating at restaurants. The results will then help overhaul the kids menus at the CSCC’s three Henry’s Family Restaurant locations across Canberra.

Project Aim

This project aims to develop a healthy children’s menu based on parental feedback from members and non-members of the Canberra Southern Cross Club (CSCC).

Benefits of the Project

The outcome of this project is the launch of a new, healthy kid’s menu across six of the CSCC’s family restaurants across Canberra. This new menu will offer parents a variety of healthy food options for their kids when they dine out as a family.

This project is the first of its kind in Canberra and will also provide valuable information to the researchers and the CSCC on the viability of a healthy kid’s menu in the CSCC’s restaurants. It’s an important step in a community-wide approach to tackling childhood obesity in the area of food prepared away from home.


The Healthy Eating Hub

The project will be led by Kate Freeman, registered nutritionist and managing director of The Healthy Eating Hub. She will help develop the new menu and author the research and marketing portion of the project.

The Canberra Southern Cross Club

The menu will be developed with close consultation with the Canberra Southern Cross Club Executive Chef, Anurag Gautam, from Tuggeranong.

University of Canberra

Dr Tanya Lawlis, Assistant Professor Food Science and Nutrition, from the University of Canberra (UC) will be supervising the research and assisting with the data collection and analysis component of this project.

grilled-kebabs-1 pita-pocket-1 rice-paper-rolls-1 yoghurt-and-fruit-crunch-1make-your-own-tacos-1 spaghetti-boloegnase-1General Outline of the Project

Kid’s frequently dine out with their parents at restaurants and this presents an important opportunity for changes to be made to help tackle the high prevalence of childhood obesity in Australia. Despite this, many restaurant owners and managers are hesitant to make healthy changes to their menus for fear of losing sales and profits.

The information gained from this research will be used to understand whether the availability of healthy food items on a kid’s menu is important to parents when they dine out with their children. It will also help the researchers understand what types of healthy foods parent’s would purchase from a kid’s menu and other factors that affect where and how often parents dine out with their children. This information will be used to guide the development of a new healthy kid’s menu to be launched at six of the CSCC’s restaurants across Canberra.

Project Progress

Project launched – Thursday 3rd November 2016 –  KMRP - Media Release - Project launch (75 downloads)

Survey opens – Monday 7th November

Survey closed – Sunday 27th November

Data analysis – Monday 28th November – Friday 10th December

Participant Involvement

Survey complete.

We achieved our goal and received over 1000 survey responses from the Canberra community and look forward to sharing the results.

The new menu is set to launch in June 2017.

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