It’s one thing to know nutrition information, it’s an entirely other thing to translate that information into a meal on your plate 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year…

…and it needs to taste good, can’t be too complicated to cook, make you spend too much time in the kitchen and cost too much. It also needs to satisfy your fussy kids (or partner) because I’m sure you don’t have time to cook two meals each night. And if you do, I’m sure it gets old quickly!

Phew! It can seem all so exhausting!

What’s a human supposed to do to make healthy eating a reality?

Most people that I speak to say that know what to eat, they just don’t do it. This is actually a great acknowledgement. Because now that you know this about yourself, the next question you need to ask is why don’t you do it?

  • is your expectation of healthy eating too high?
  • does the thought of healthy eating make you feel deprived and you don’t truly want that?
  • do you feel that healthy eating is just too much effort?

Healthy eating is much more than just downloading a meal plan or waking up on a Monday promising yourself to be perfect. If you don’t understand the key fundamentals that make up that meal plan, you’ll struggle as soon as you come across a food you don’t like or a meal that doesn’t fit with your life at that moment.

When you understand the basics, and put them into action day to day, that’s when you find the freedom and flexibility to eat well for the rest of your life, no matter what happens.

That’s when healthy eating becomes ‘who you are and what you do’ rather than something you ‘try’ to do.

Sound good? That’s what we do!

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