Module Description

In this module, it’s time to get more detailed with your nutrition. Carbohydrates are the most misunderstood nutrients and this confusion results in lots of stress when it comes to weight management and creating long term healthy eating patterns. We don’t take a low carb or a high carb approach. We take a ‘what’s right for you’ carb approach!

Prerequisite: Whole Foods Module

Duration: 6 weeks (practice 1 new habit every week)

Achieve: Build habits, behaviours and routines that help you consistently eat the right amount of carbohydrate.

Outcome: Learn the key fundamentals of carbohydrates and more specifically learn WHAT and HOW much carbohydrate YOU need to eat to achieve your goal.

So many of our past members were sacred of carbs, thinking they had to cut them out to lose weight and be healthy. This is simply not true and you can absolutely enjoy them as part of your diet long term. This module shows you how!

The Smart Carbs Module will make you leave carb stress and fear behind for good! Feel confident in eating your favourite foods!

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: What carbs actually are and what foods contain them

Habit – Choosing smart carbs at breakfast

Week 2: Choosing high fibre carbs for appetite management

Habit – Choosing smart carbs at lunch

Week 3:  Discover your personal carbohydrate needs

Habit – Choosing smart carbs at dinner (factoring in total carb intake)

Week 4: Learn to listen to your body and adjust your carbs accordingly

Habit – Choosing smart carbs at your snacks (as you need them)

Week 5: Easy portion control for carb rich foods

Habit – Watch and practice your carbohydrate portions


Week 6: Maximising gut health

Habit – Choosing high fibre carbs

What you’ll get each week:

  • recipes
  • food swaps
  • product recommendations (free of sponsorship)
  • 3 mini meal plans to choose from that are fully customisable and come with checkable shopping lists and adjustable serves

We’re here to support you:

  • Check in with our team via live chat for support
  • Book a video support session for one-on-one coaching from our dietitians
  • Join our private Facebook group


You can get started with the SMART CARBS module as part of our Signature Program. In 42 days you could have consistently improved your carb intake without cutting them out and be feeling great, free from the hang ups of trying the latest fad diet. 

Get started now and feel confident in your food choices!

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