Module Description

In this module you’ll learn how to balance whole foods on your plate and eat the right amount of foods for you and your goals. You’ll get HEAPS of meal inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner all personalised with help from your nutritionist or dietitian.

Prerequisite: Whole Foods Module

Duration: 6 weeks (practice 1 new habit every week)

Achieve: Understand energy balance and how to maintain a healthy weight long term through balanced, filling meals.

Outcome: Have new skills for building healthy, filling meals that are quick, easy and delicious!

Many people mention to us that they’re eating healthy food, but they’re still not losing weight or they’re putting on weight. This is often down to not portion controlling correctly or consistently.

The Plate Model is the single best method to help you portion control, without the stress and still feel satisfied and well fed.

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Translating nutrients into foods

Habit – Plate modelling dinner

Week 2: How to plate model mixed meals

Habit – Continuing plate modelling dinner

Week 3:  Managing social situations

Habit – Plate modelling lunch

Week 4: How to stay organised

Habit – Continuing plate modelling lunch

Week 5: How to plate model breakfast

Habit – Plate modelling breakfast


Week 6: Embracing simplicity to stay consistent

Habit – Putting it all together

What you’ll get each week:

  • recipes
  • food swaps
  • product recommendations (free of sponsorship)
  • 3 mini meal plans to choose from that are fully customisable and come with checkable shopping lists and adjustable serves

We’re here to support you:

  • Check in with our team via live chat for support
  • Book a video support session for one-on-one coaching from our dietitians
  • Join our private Facebook group

You can get started with the PLATE MODEL module as part of our Signature Program. In 42 days you could have consistently improved your main meals and be feeling great, free from the hang ups of trying the latest fad diet. 

Get started now and feel confident in your food choices!

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