Module Description

In this module you’ll learn the fundamentals of diet quality and start to ‘unlearn’ all the confusing diet information you’ve heard over the years. You’ll discover the freedom of removing food restriction and create a positive mindset by adding foods in, rather than cutting foods out. We’ll teach you which foods to focus on so you can feel satisfied, nourished and back in control.

Duration: 6 weeks (practice 1 new habit every week)

Achieve: Build a whole foods habit in 42 days

Outcome: Feel great as you start to nourish your body from the inside out by adding whole foods in, rather than being restrictive!

Many people say that they know WHAT to eat but they just don’t do it! You might know what a ‘whole food’ is, but are you in the habit of choosing these foods each and every day. Even when your’e tired? Stressed? Busy?

The Whole Foods Module is all about developing healthy eating habits so you can maximise your diet quality.

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Build your diet out of whole foods and choose them daily

Habit – Food choice awareness

Week 2: Understand nutrition density and why it’s vital for long term weight management

Habit – Choosing whole foods at breakfast

Week 3:  Introduction to the whole foods spectrum and how it influences food choice

Habit – Choosing whole foods at lunch

Week 4: ¬†Understanding food processing and ditch an ‘all or nothing’ mindset

Habit – Choosing whole foods at dinner

Week 5: Taking a positive approach to your nutrition and achieving a mindset for change

Habit – Choosing whole foods at your snacks


Week 6: Whole foods re-cap

Habit – Choosing whole foods across the day

What you’ll get each week:

  • recipes
  • food swaps
  • product recommendations (free of sponsorship)
  • 3 mini meal plans to choose from that are fully customisable and come with checkable shopping lists and adjustable serves

We’re here to support you:

  • Check in with our team via live chat for support
  • Book a video support session for one-on-one coaching from our dietitians
  • Join our private Facebook group

You can get started with this WHOLE FOODS module straight away by joining our Signature Program. In 42 days you could have consistently improved your diet quality and be feeling great, free from the hang ups of trying the latest fad diet. 

Get started now and feel confident in your food choices!

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