Smart Meal Plans

Learn to create your own healthy eating pattern with our mini-meal plans!

Meal Planning For Success!

Here’s how the meal planning works:

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Give a dieter a meal plan and feed them well for 8 weeks. Teach a dieter to meal plan and feed them well for a lifetime.

We give you more than just meal plans and easy recipes. Our unique education method equips you with the knowledge and skills, to not only write your own meal plans but adjust them as life changes, be flexible when the unexpected arises and make healthy choices a normal part of your life.

At The Healthy Eating Hub you learn to make consistently healthy choices who you are and what you do, not just something you try to do!

We’ve created mini-meal plans, to teach you how to plan for yourself!

Honestly, the only way you are going to eat well long term, maintain a healthy weight and feel in control of your food choices is if you learn how to eat in a way that suits YOU and YOUR life!

Fad diets don’t work because they were written for the masses. You’re not the masses. You’re an individual. You have habits, behaviours, routines, food preferences, food experiences and cultural food influences that are unique to you. That’s why we believe that you need to be a critical thinker and take to the time to find a healthy eating pattern that works for you!.

Each week, as part of the Habit Building Modules in the Healthy Eating Pathway, you’ll be given 3 mini meal plans to choose from. These have been designed to help you practice your habit and they give you the skills to learn how to meal plan for yourself.

You’ll be able to save the meal plans to your private collection, customise them with the help of your dietitian and use them again and again.

The Mini Meal Plan Line Up

Check out these example meal plans:

These are real samples from the Whole Foods Module

meal plan 1, sweet, quick, whole foods
meal plan 1, easy, quick, whole foods
meal plan 2, cooking for one, whole foods

Here is an example weekly meal plan:

There are heaps to choose from and use as a base to create your own!

Are you ready to meal plan?

This program not for people wanting to just be told what to eat.

It’s for those who are keen to learn the principles, get some food organisation skills and feed themselves well for the rest of their life!

We believe that healthy eating is a skill and our unique program helps you develop this skill.

It combines micro-learning, dietitian support and behaviour change principles right at your finger tips. Rather than trying to stick to a diet, you change your behaviour, one habit at a time.

Our members receive achievable, practical and tailored nutrition advice combined with recipes and food inspiration to help them succeed.

Be a habit builder, not a crash dieter.