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A daily podcast and video giving you a dollop of advice from registered nutritionist Kate Freeman. The Daily Dollop calls out nutritional ‘woo’, removes food stress and teaches you how to build healthy eating habits instead of dieting.

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The Daily Dollop – Synopsis

Why is it so hard to stick to a healthy diet and why can’t I keep weight off long term? What are the habits required to consistently maintain a healthy eating pattern for life?

In this daily, conversational-style podcast, on a mission to set people free from food stress, Kate Freeman outlines the best pieces of research for long term healthy living, calls out the nutrition ‘woo’ that permeates our current culture and focuses you on being a habit builder, not a crash dieter.

Build food confidence with a daily dollop of sensible nutrition wrapped up in some humour, practicality and a touch of inspiration.

Every day, you’ll hear what science truly says about healthy living and how you can apply that to your life in a way that suits you best. You’ll learn lots of credible nutrition information without scaremongering, confusion and stupid food rules!

Whether you’re a yo-yo dieter desperate to break free or you’re just starting your healthy eating journey, this podcast is for you!

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About Kate

Kate Freeman is a university educated registered nutritionist. This is not a made up title but one given to her by the peak Australian body for nutrition science the Nutrition Society of Australia.

After 15 years in the industry Kate is tired of crappy nutrition advice, thanks to backyard nutrition experts, and is passionate about teaching people realistic, sustainable and individualised eating habits that help people feel great, maximise their health and achieve their goals. She is the founder of Canberra’s largest nutrition and dietetics practice The Healthy Eating Clinic and Australia’s only online healthy food habit building program, The Healthy Eating Hub.