weight loss made easyI recently watched an episode of the Biggest Loser.

It was a segment where an extremely overweight person was running their heart out on the treadmill, while one of the trainers stood nearby and shouted encouraging statements. The contestant stopped a number of times, clearly exhausted, crying, and in pain – but they kept going and kept doing what the trainer said.

I think it’s a great example of how we can push ourselves beyond what we think we are capable of achieving. I love how they prove on that show that older people and very overweight people do have the capacity to undertake intense exercise programs.

The problem I have with the Biggest Loser is that the show tells people, especially obese people, that this is the best way to lose the weight. That in order to have that lean body you are after, this is what you must do, and this is how hard it is. I think this is extremely discouraging!

In my opinion, this sort of drama sends the completely wrong message to those who are watching.

Weight loss does NOT have to be that hard! I feel for these people watching the show, feeling discouraged and thinking, “Well if that’s how hard I have to work, I may as well not even start. I can’t do that!”

Extreme diets do help you lose weight, and fast. That’s why we see such amazing transformations, and it’s great viewing pleasure for us watching along at home.

But in my experience, they only work short term.

Out of all the Biggest Loser contestants, on all of the seasons, there are very few who have actually kept the weight off. Do you know anyone who has gone on an extreme diet who has successfully kept the weight off? I don’t!! Although I know many people who say things like, “I went on the (insert extreme diet here) diet and lost 10kg which was great….but I put it back on. I’ll probably do it again soon.

If a diet can’t keep the weight off long term, it doesn’t work.

The Biggest Loser contestants are overweight because that’s how they’ve lived their lives – they became that way because of the choices and behaviours that were repeated day in, day out, for years.

Healthy weight loss all comes down to changing your daily habits. Replacing one or two destructive habits per month with positive ones, over a whole year, can result in a totally changed lifestyle. And as we know, it’s the sum of our habits and daily behaviours that dictate who we are, and our current overall lifestyle.

The Biggest Loser contestants put the weight back on because they didn’t incrementally change their habits. When they enter the house and are thrown into a new lifestyle completely foreign to them, they adapted accordingly. When they go back home, they go back to their old ways. Old habits die hard!

Here are 3 things to change that can result in a new habit – a habit that may just result in a new, healthier you!

healthy habits for weight loss1. Pack snacks for work.

Being organised with snacks means that you will have something healthy on hand when you need it. When you get those mid morning or mid afternoon hunger pangs, you can satisfy it with something healthy you have already packed, rather than reaching for the office fund raiser chocolates or heading to the vending machine.

2. Cook extra portions at each meal so you have leftovers.

If you make a few extra servings at dinner time, you can then portion it out and put it in the freezer for later. Then, you will have a quick and easy (and healthy!) meal to heat up when you have been too busy to cook. You can even take this for lunch! Again, this eliminates the need to buy takeaway or have a quick & high-fat option, such as cheese on toast.

3. Become an early riser.

This is no doubt one of the best habits you can get yourself into. Waking up early means you’ll have time to eat a great breakfast, pack or prepare your food for the day, and even get in an early workout. This is a great habit that facilitates great lifestyle change!

If you struggle with motivation to exercise, the early morning is a great time – you have far less excuses not to exercise in the morning, the biggest thing you must overcome is getting out of bed! In the evening, however, there can be many excuses – you’re tired, you’re hungry, you get home too late, you’re meeting someone after work, you have to cook dinner – it’s way easier to talk yourself out of it! This doesn’t have to be a big gym session either – a morning walk is a great way to start the day well.

At the Healthy Eating Hub, we can give you expert advice, and design a lifestyle plan just for you that will result in weight loss – through changing your habits, educating you, empowering you to be planned and organised with your meals, and encouraging you all the way!

weight loss - the healthy eating hub

Losing weight the right way can seem discouraging at first, because the weight doesn’t all drop off immediately, it takes more time. It can be several months before you actually see a significant change – but the change you will have, will last forever.

I have helped countless men and women identify where their lifestyle needs changing and assisted them in making the positive lifelong change they have always wanted.

Trust me, with the right help, and the right advice, it doesn’t have to be so hard!!

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