Dietitian Support

Ongoing, individualised support is the gold standard in dietary change!

Behaviour change is hard. Don’t make things more difficult for yourself by doing it alone.

Our program gives you direct access to a university qualified dietitian. What does this mean? Well, it means that they understand biochemistry and how food effects your health – and they know the whole science, not just the cherry picked science so they can prove a point. They look at the full scientific picture and make recommendations accordingly.

It also means they can confidently make recommendations for you based on your medical history. They can help you trouble shoot tummy troubles, allergies, intolerances and chronic diseases. They can help you tailor the meal plans for diabetes or low FODMAP and give you evidence-based advice for managing particular nutritional issues.

We don’t have a particular agenda to push or product to sell. Our dietitians are registered with the Dietitians Association of Australia and our nutritionists with the Nutrition Society of Australia. This registration means that we are bound to ethical guidelines of clinical practice. We must promote evidence-based information. We must prioritise the health and safety of our members and we are held accountable to these standards. So you can rest assured you’re in good hands!

We’ll support you all the way!

What you learn in the habit building modules are nutrition principles. These principles need to be applied to your individual life. That’s where our team comes in. Through regular video sessions or checking in via live chat, we can help tailor the principles you learn to your life. That way you’re working on developing habits, routines and behaviours that suit you and your lifestyle, rather than trying to follow a cookie cutter plan that was written for the masses.

We can help you with so many things:

  • meal planning – recipe and ingredient swaps
  • overcoming barriers and challenges – we use motivational interviewing techniques to help you problem solve – we also have plenty of our own tips too!
  • adjusting for your medical history – if you’ve got diabetes, heart disease, gut issues or other health issues, you can still join our program and our qualified team is here to help
  • food swaps for allergies and intolerances
  • accountability and motivation
  • encouragement – grab a pep talk whenever you need
A Dietitian in Your Pocket

Here’s how we’ll support your journey:

Video Support Sessions

The gold standard in dietary support!

Seeing a dietitian has never been easier!

Video support is easy, convenient and available Australia wide! Video support sessions are available to all members whenever they need them and can be purchased in two ways:

Base Memberships

Base Members can purchase video support sessions for $90/session. These sessions are paid for at the time of booking. This option is good for:

    • If you’d like your private health to cover your support sessions. All our dietitians have provider numbers and you’ll be provided with a receipt to claim with your health fund.

    • If you have a Chronic Disease Management plan from your GP we can BULK BILL your sessions. Please talk to your GP about whether you’re eligible.

    Premium Memberships

      Premium Members have the best value dietetic support available in the Australian market. They receive unlimited video support sessions as part of their membership. This option is good for:

      • People who need high accountability, support and motivation.

      • People who like to verbally talk through barriers and challenges in order to overcome them.

      • People with complex medical needs who may need ongoing help with individualising the program to their needs.

      If you’d like to chat to our team before becoming a Premium Member book a FREE Nutrition Assessment.

      Book a free Nutrition Assessment

      One-on-one video support!

      This kind of support is high value and will be a key part of you staying on track with your habit change.

        • Highly secure Telehealth software

        • No downloading apps

        • Video session works in your internet browser

        • Pay-as-you-go sessions are covered by private health insurance

        • We can bulk bill Medicare referrals

        The Dietitian Line Up

        Meet our amazing team!

        We also aim to keep you with the same dietitian – then you get to know each other! It’s nice.

        Clare Wolski
        Clare WolskiHead Dietitian
        Taylor Aldridge
        Taylor AldridgeDietitian
        Michelle Bulman
        Michelle BulmanDietitian
        Melissa Yip
        Melissa YipDietitian
        Are You Ready to Connect with Us?

        We can’t wait to meet you and be part of your journey!

        “The important things is that we stick together!” Buzz Lightyear

        We believe that healthy eating is a skill and our unique program helps you develop this skill.

        It combines micro-learning, dietitian support and behaviour change principles right at your finger tips. Rather than trying to stick to a diet, you change your behaviour, one habit at a time.

        Our members receive achievable, practical and tailored nutrition advice combined with recipes and food inspiration to help them succeed.

        Be a habit builder, not a crash dieter.