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The Healthy Eating Hub is a private nutrition and dietetics practice in Canberra. We offer personalised and practical healthy eating advice from qualified nutritionists and dietitians. dietitian nutritionist

Our Healthy Eating Services Canberra dietitian

Weight loss and maintenance – We offer a practical, no non-sense advice to help you lose weight and get great results. We show you how healthy eating applies to you and your lifestyle and aim to help you lose weight in the same way you intend on maintaining it. We believe in habit building and baby steps. You won’t get a quick fix, one-size-fits-all approach from us!

Kitchen consultations – We don’t just sit in an office and talk about food. We like to get you into the kitchen and show you practically how to put healthy eating advice into practice in your daily life!

Group Sessions – Every week we run informative and practical group sessions to equip you with the knowledge to eat well for your particular goals and lifestyle!

Fat loss & sports performance – Our nutritionist and personal trainer can design you a flexible eating pattern to achieve your body composition goals without sacrificing the things you enjoy.

Tummy troubles – Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease, crohns, diverticulitis, IBS or other gastro-intesinal disease? Learn how to manage your symptoms with smart food choices. We can guide you through the suspects of poor gut health and help you tackle them effectively through a range of difference dietary approaches.

Fussy kids & toddlers – We have the tools and advice to help you manage healthy eating for the whole family. If you have kids or toddlers who refuse to eat certain foods or you struggle to get them to eat vegetables, our nutritionist and dietitian can help.

Chronic disease – Do you have diabetes or heart disease? We can help you manage your health with a good quality diet. Medicare rebates may be available with a referral from your GP.

Eating for an active lifestyle – Do you live life in the fast lane? Are you training for a race or competition? Do you like being active everyday? Our nutritionists can help you fine tune your diet to get the most out of your food and training program.

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Our Healthy Eating Solutions dietitian nutritionist

Meet with a dietitian or nutritionist to get practical solutions to address the 3 main barriers to healthy eating in Australia:

  • Lack of time – we can show you how to get organised and eat well, despite a busy lifestyle
  • Lack of money – learn about healthy eating on a tight budget
  • Lack of kitchen skills – get inspired and learn easy cooking techniques with our kitchen consultation program

The Healthy Eating Hub offers individualised programs to help you build healthy eating habits. We want you to achieve your health and fitness goals and maintain them long term as well.

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Our Healthy Eating Philosophy

The Healthy Eating Hub was birthed out of two things. Firstly, a belief that healthy eating applies to everyone, yet looks different for everyone. And secondly, a passion for teaching people enough about healthy eating that they don’t need us anymore. We’ve educated and empowered them enough to feed themselves well for the long term.

We take a whole foods approach with all of our advice and believe that overall diet quality, through healthy food choices, can positively influence health and well-being in individuals from all walks of life. Our brand and services is represented by these three words:

#simple #fresh #balanced

Our qualified dietitians and nutritionists can demonstrate how healthy eating applies to all kinds of individual lifestyles and situations. We specialize in practical, hands on, easy to apply advice that’s applicable to busy, modern day lifestyles.

Our client education involves listening, experiencing, smelling, touching, preparing, cooking and tasting food. We also have an online store with a range of ebooks and products that can help you on the way to becoming a healthy eater.

Our Healthy Eating Team

Our team of qualified nutritionists and dietitians bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to The Healthy Eating Hub and are looking forward to helping you reach your healthy eating goals.

Meet our Healthy Eating Team.

Business2Business Nutrition Services

Does your business or workplace need the services of an experienced nutritionist or dietitian?

We offer a range of nutrition seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations to help you build a healthy workplace culture. We also offer services for food based businesses, such and restaurants and cafes, including:

  • menu analysis,
  • allergy and intolerance screening, and
  • improving the health and nutrition of their menus.

Read more about our Business2Business Nutrition Services.

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