Module Description

Do find snacking is a key part of your diet that lets you down? Do you struggle with sugar cravings? Does the 3pm danger time catch you off guard and you find yourself prone to binging and overeating? If this is you, then this module was created to set you free! Snacks are an opportunity for nourishment, fuel and enjoyment. If you’re keen to learn how to make snacks work for you, then this module will have you snacking like a pro in just 4 weeks!

Prerequisite: Whole Foods Module

Duration: 4 weeks (practice 1 new habit every week)

Achieve: Build skills for creating a range of different snacks each day, depending on your body’s needs.

Outcome: Understand the key fundamentals of a healthy, filling snack and how to manage sugar cravings.

Snacks can absolutely be part of a healthy eating pattern no matter what your goals, you just need to take the time to find what works for you! This module will equip you to snack like a champion!

The Satisfying Snacks Module will have you feeling super confident with making healthy snack choices, that make you feel good for the rest of your life!

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Why do you snack? Understanding the non-hunger reasons for snacking.

Task – Track your snacks and why you eat them.

Week 2: Making a Mindful Choice. How to choose snack you can feel good about.

Habit – Practicing the mindful eating statement

Week 3:  How to Create a Balanced Snack

Habit – Creating a balanced mid-morning snack

Week 4: Energy Aware Snacking. Choosing snacks that help you reach your weight loss goals.

Habit – Creating a balanced mid-afternoon/evening snack

What you’ll get with the module:

  • recipes
  • food swaps
  • product recommendations (free of sponsorship)
  • mini meal plans to choose from that are fully customisable and come with checkable shopping lists and adjustable serves

We’re here to support you:

  • Check in with our team via live chat for support
  • Book a video support session for one-on-one coaching from our dietitians
  • Join our private Facebook group


You can get started with the SATISFYING SNACKS module as part of our Signature Program. In 28 days you could have consistently improved your snacking habits and be feeling great, free from the hang ups of trying the latest fad diet. 

Get started now and feel confident in your food choices!

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