Module Description

Through completing this module, you’ll be absolutely convinced that vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy diet and be super excited to eat them everyday. You may know that they’re healthy. You may also think that you eat enough of them. However, do you eat enough of them consistently? Only 6% of Australians consistently achieve an adequate intake of vegetables so chances are you could work on this habit!

Prerequisite: Whole Foods Module

Duration: 4 weeks (practice 1 new habit every week)

Achieve: Learn how to purchase, store, prepare and cook vegetables so that you can consistently get in the good stuff no matter how busy you are!

Outcome: Experience how good it feels to consistently eat 5 serves of vegetables per day and make it a part of your lifestyle long term.

An adequate intake of vegetables will revolutionise your gut health, help you manage a healthy weight, support your immune system and so much more!

The Vegetable Goals Module will make eating vegetables everyday a part of who you are and what you do!

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Maximising Nutrient Density

Habit – Getting your vegetables in at dinner.

Week 2: Maximising Vegetable Variety

Habit – Getting your vegetables in at lunch.

Week 3:  How to Eat Vegetables Everyday

Habit – Getting your vegetables in at breakfast.

Week 4: Making Vegetables Enjoyable to Eat

Habit – Getting your vegetables in at snacks.

What you’ll get with the module:

  • recipes
  • food swaps
  • product recommendations (free of sponsorship)
  • mini meal plans to choose from that are fully customisable and come with checkable shopping lists and adjustable serves

We’re here to support you:

  • Check in with our team via live chat for support
  • Book a video support session for one-on-one coaching from our dietitians
  • Join our private Facebook group

You can get started with the VEGETABLE GOALS module as part of our Signature Program. In 28 days you could have consistently improved your vegetable intake and be feeling great, free from the hang ups of trying the latest fad diet. 

Get started now and feel confident in your food choices!

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